Brand World Championship


Brand World Championship, For sponsors

In no other sport do our four-legged friends require more energy than in sled dog sport. This sport is therefore considered as the FORMULA 1 among the dog sports. That means that the highest demands are required of energy-rich, well digestable and balanced dry food.

The ALPIRACE offers a new marketing and communication tool to this segment of the pet industry with the Brand World Championship to clearly position the one's own Brand - both in the B2B as well as the B2C sector: Your customers or sponsored “athletes” become visible "brand ambassadors" for a huge audience on TV, in print, on radio and streaming media. A strategic approach, that was executed for the first time during the Sled dog EM in Inzell this year.

We offer different product placement possibilities - from the branding of the
start numbers, sportswear, racing sleds, DOG trucks, as well as on the trail to correspond to yopur individual concepts for your brand message. We would be happy to advise you about placement options, sales support, promotion and provide top athletes for testimonials. Or, if you want, organize for your customers or guests to have experience something special like helicopter flights, a snowmobile safari or their own guided sled dog tour.



Brand World Championship, For athletes

With the ALPIRACE next year the official rand world championship will be held: i.e. similar to the practice in Formula 1 car racing, the food producer can become, with his products, a brand world champion likewise the Musher world champion. We offer the pet industry the opportunity to place their products in a quality and performance-oriented manner, providing an attractive incentive to get even more involved in dog sledding. Both the industry and the Musher profit from this concept. Because only the brand wins that sponsored the most successful team, the animal food industry will be more motivated to be involved in sponsoring.

The brand world chamopion will be established using the Norwegian point system. It functions as folloows: all participants are included in the valuation, their total run time taken, as well as the placement calculated and
the Norwegian points are the result. Only ihn this way a transparent representation in productranking is guaranteed.




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