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Wolfgang Petz



Event Manager



Wolfgang had his first encounter with sleddog sport in the 80s, as an industrial sponsor of a sleddog team participating in the Alpirod Race. He was twice present at the Alpirod Race and learned how to deal with the sponsors Benetton, Sisley, Royal Canin and many others, as well as the participating musers Joe Runyan, Kathy Swenson, Roxy Wright Champaine and Jacques Philip, just to name a few.

These impressions inspired him in such a way that he acquired a complete Anadyr team, at the time leading in Europe, in 1988.

With the offspring of this team, he started his first European Championship in 1989/90 in Zwiesel / Bayrischer Wald and his current life companion Iris Mauderer has beaten him, the rookie, at the finish line to a third place.


In the following years, his 6-dog team was almost unbeatable and obtained among other things the german championship, the vice-european and the world championship for the FISTC.

During his successful career as a musher, he felt that the treatment of the mushers by the associations, organizers of sled dog events could be highly improved.
One year after his team became world champion, he obtained from Pedigree Pal, in cooperation with the DSSV, the marketing rights with worldwide TV transmission of the legendary world championship held in Todtmoos in 1994.

In the following years, he and his media team marketed for various organisations numerous World Cups and European Championships.

In 2005, after the Italian sled dog club failed the organisation of the event, he took over the organizing rights for the WSA European Championship in Nauders.

As an organizer and marketeer of sponsoring and media rights, he created the ALPIRACE brand and has made it one of the most popular event names in the world of sleddog sport.

Based on his successful completion, Wolfgang has developed a worldwide network with the sleddog sport, international industrial sponsors and the media sector.

This network and his skills are now available for the COLOGNE MEDIA CUP 2017 and the ALPIRACE 2018.


Dr. Daniela Janusch



Author - Marketing - Producerin


Produktionsleiterin / Medienvermarktung

For almost 25 years, Dr. Daniela Janusch functions as a project manager, producer, and author, with Wolfgang Petz - in TV productions, in the marketing and PR sector. She developed and produced communication strategies for international media or industrial partners.

From the beginning, one of the common interests has been the marketing of various international sleddog events, including numerous European and World Championships for World Federations like IFSS, WSA, FISTC. Daniela, in coordination with event organizer Wolfgang, will take over the overall management of the media production and coordination with foreign correspondents for the upcoming sleddog events - the WORLD PRESS OPENING as part of the COLOGNE MEDIA CUP and the ALPIRACE, the World Sleddog Trophy.


José Martin



Area Sales Manager


International Communication South Europe

Since his eighth year, José was active in basketball. At a young age, the sport provided him with endurance, discipline, and goal-oriented success.

In the sled dog sport, he is fascinated by obtaining the right physical condition and the mental training with the dogs in order to form a team. The fine tuning of all dogs in the team to the same mental and physical performance level and to be able to tap into the potential exactly on the day of the race is important to him ..

By visiting a sled dog show in Völklingen José became active in the sport. In 2003 he got his first hounds and shortly thereafter started his own breeding line, which immediately brought him success. The Frankonia Open in Schönberg / Lauf in autumn 2004 was his first start ever in a race.

His successes:
- several times vice-german champion in the 8 dog class Sprint
- several times Bavarian champion in the Open and 8 dog sprint classes
- Participation at the Alpirace 2006 in the 6 dog class
- 6th place EM-Rastede 2008 in the 8 dog class
- 7th place EM-France 2014 (2nd best German team) in the 8 dog class
- 6th place at EM 2016 in England in the 8 dog class
- 1st place at different national races in the Open and 8 dog class

His statement:
"The planned Alpirace 2018 is again THE EVENT in the sled dog scene. Not only through the media accessibility and presence thereof, but also for the athletes themselves, as they can enjoy the participatione in one of the most professional organized races in Europe.

I call the Cologne Media Cup the door opener to the Alpirace 2018 and absolutely a MUST to get the media, sponsors and athletes as well as the audience
focussed on the upcoming event. "


Pieter Buss



Freelance Journalist

Foreign Correspondent BENELUX

Pieter Buss is part of the ALPIRACE team of international correspondents and is responsible for media and press communications for the Benelux countries, in particular for the Netherlands.

Pieter, born in Holland on 06.06.82, is a young dynamic full-blood journalist who completed his education at the School of Higher General Secondary Education from 1995-1999 and at the School of Journalism from 1999-2005 at the University of Zwolle.

Pieter is an extremely successful journalist and works as a freelancer. Contributing to Holland's leading daily newspaper De Telegraaf, het Noordhollands Dagblad as well as for the most important TV stations in the Netherlands.

Pieter found his way to the ALPIRACE team by recommendation of our adviser Stefan Donker (son-in-law of Arie Verschoor) and has already produced several high-quality and interesting TV reports about our beloved sleddog sport and aired them on Dutch television.

He has already reported on the Open Norwegian Championships Dog Sledding in March 2016 and the European Championship Canicross in Scotland in October 2015.

Pieter brings us optimal conditions for the distribution and communication of the ALPIRACE and is thus a bonus for the sleddog sport as a whole.

The Netherlands being a partner country of the ALPIRACE at the upcoming events, at the WORLD PRESS OPENING in conjunction with the COLOGNE MEDIA CUP on 02/03/03/2017, and at the ALPIRACE from 2 to 11 February 2018, Pieter has become a particularly valuable and interesting partner. We are sure that he will receive the best support from his Dutch sportsfriends. Pieter reports to our press and media manager, Dr. Dr. Daniela Janusch.


Iris Mauderer



Geschäftsführer MPM Mediaservice, Fitnessfachwirtin, Tierarzthelferin

  Co - Organizer

Iris has been active in the sled dog sport for 30 years.

After her first Siberian Husky came into the house in 1984, she initially took part races together with her mother. Her father had a prominent position in the sled dog association both national and international. The breeding, in cooperation with Rudi Ropertz and later Wolfgang Petz, could be successfully built up.

Based on her experiences gained during childhood, various successes followed. Iris has obtained a good number of German championship, Germany Cups, and vice-european and vice World Championship titles.

She passed her enthusiasm for this sport to her son, Philip, who already had international successes at the age of 11 years. Later on he succeeded with the dogs from the family pool to obtain twice the World Youth Championship and European Championship.

Organising the COLOGNE MEDIA CUP and the ALPIRACE, Iris feels that she has the opportunity to give back to the sled dog sport a part of her 30 years of experience. As a participant of numerous races, she knows the demands of the starters with your dogs and the daily work for MPM Mediaservice, you also know where the needs of the industrial cooperation partners lie.

To get everything in one pot is the task in organising an event with satisfied mushers, dogs, spectators and partners.


Uli Maczuck


Uli Maczuck is considered the “integrator” among the representatives of the sponsors in international sled dog sport. No one could do the same, due to Uli’s extraordinary commitment and his long-standing presence at the international scene.

No one has done so much for any sports as he did, as a result of his extraordinary dedication and his long-standing presence at international sleddog events.

Without doubt Uli is the biggest sponsor in the industry, not only as a sponsor, but also about the whole promotion of dogsledding.

His motto being better to connect than to separate, he has conquered the hearts of Mushers over more than ten years.

Thus Uli is a Musher albeit without dogs.

During his years he has understood to combine the interests of his company Interquell, which supports him providing the world famous products such as Happy Dog, Happy Cat, etc. with the interests of the sleddog sport.

In his way in symbiotic partnerships, especially with MPM Mediaservice, he has become a true friend, business set aside.

During the run-up to the upcoming events WORLD PRESS OPENING and the Dryland Event COLOGNE MEDIA CUP, as well as the ALPIRACE in February 2018, Uli has already implemented various measures, p.e. “The meeting of the Mushercouncil” sponsoring the organization team.

For Uli it is important not to be in the forefront but invisible behijnd the scenes to contribute to the success of the projects in the sleddog sport. In this respect, Uli always has an ear for every problem and is always ready to help.

We hope that we can continue to have Uli support the sleddog sport for as many more years as possible.


Dr. Teunis Bos



Physicist and Doctor i.R.


International Communication North Europe  

At the age of 7 years Teun wanted to step into the athletic footsteps of his father and do boxing
as performance sport. But his father did not want to hear about it, instead allowed judo and
karate. This ended with the second dan and many national and international
participations. In the sports tennis, volleyball and basketball in various university teams.

After the humanistic gymnasium and university study, where he studied physics, medicine,
business management and MBA. He used his knowledge in nuclear physics, to develop medical procedures and equipment. Many of these devices are nowadays in everyday use and
correct e.g. vision or do laser tissue removal. Teun worked for a long time in a private eye center and has visited a lot of countries in his career teaching various methods.

In 1983, a pure-bred Siberian Husky came in the house for relaxing and sportive compensation. It was a real Anadyr. At the age of 23 years, Teun had a serious motorcycle accident and was wheel chair bound for almost two years. Teun had to learn to walk again as therapy he was recommended to do cross-country skiing, which led in 1986 to his first participation as a Pulkamusher in a race in Wallgau. There, at that time, Teun met competitors, Gerd Bittl, Klaus Engelbrecht and Karl-Heinz Raubuch, names which are unforgotten today.

Until 2011, Teun remained true to the Pulka discipline, O-TonTeun: "The discipline, in which musher and dog bring together heir performance, amnd which requires absolute fitness not only from the dog, but also from the musher himself. "

For Teun athletic fairness and coming over the finish line with the team successfully but healthy was important. Teun was quite successful and won many different dutch and bavarian
championships and even vice-european championships. He is especially proud of the bavarian championship MD with 6 dogs, where the leader alone and being blind made the race. He also did tours in Lapland, over several hundreds of kilometers with bivouac, as well as the “Treichl” trails on the Großvenediger and Dachstein or Innerkrems, with both Pulka and 6 dogs.

In 2012, Teun had to put a sudden end to his passion and sportive career. However, at presernt he remains available for the sport in various functions within the sled dog scene.

Teun's personal statement:
"It 's a great honor to contribute as a functionary at the ALPIRACE, one of the greatest race in stages of the sled dog world to the success of the event. Because of my extreme professional demands, I have never been able, in my active time, to participate in the ALPIRACE as much as I would have liked it. I hope we will have an ultimate ALPIRACE event, both for the participants, as well as on-site audiences and, of course, the millions opf people watching television.
For me, the ALPIRACE is a unicum and one of the greatest challenges for the best and fastest teams in Europe. "



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