Dr. Detlef Oyen




His love for dogs and endurance sport brought Detlef in 1980 to the sled dog sport. The most fascinating thing about this sport is working with the dogs, not just during the racing season, but every day of the year. In the winter, he says, there is nothing better than driving a trail with a well-coached and trained team. He has alwaysstarted in the Open Class (Unlimited) for 25 years now.

Until 2004 he raced with Siberian Huskies, where with he was a successful breeder. Then he changed to Hounds to face new challenges.

He became a european champion in 1984 and 1985 Nordic style (with the Pulka).
The number of his titles in the Unlimited Sprint class are numerous. He became european champion in the years 1997, 2012 and 2016 as well as world champion in 2015. Until 2004, Detlef was as well active in middle distance and was an 8 times participant of the Alpentrail.

Last season, after a long time of abstinence and for the first time with an hound team, he came back for the longer distances and completed the Norway Trail. In the future, he would like to go back to the middle distance and etappe races without giving up on sprint.

His expectations for the upcoming ALPIRACE:


I expect an event, that gives a prominent group of sporters the possibility, to do their sport at a very high level, independent of the need to win, like the qualification for international championships.

An event that offers, apart from the sport, a together experience. An event that brings our beautiful sport to people ouitside of the sled dog sport scene and can instill enthusiasm for this great sport. An event which makes clear to everybody that the real sportsmen are our dogs, who bring their performance with joy and enthusiasm- resulting in a daily close knit symbiosis with their Musher.

Stefan Donker


Account Manager


Stefan lives in the Netherlands together with his wife Ilse, daughter Zohra and his 11 hounds.

Already at the age of 11 he came into contact with the sleddog sport and these wonderful dogs. The first years he worked with another Dutch team. After that he went for 4 months to work with one of the biggest sprint sleddog kennels of America as a dog handler.

Since 1997, he has a team of his own and started the last six years in the 6 dog-class Sprint, for him the most beautiful class. He loves the combination dogs, nature and sports. If he and the dogs function as a team and give a top performance at the most beautiful trails in Europe, that for him is a great experience.
The coming years he wants to concentrate on the Alpirace, the European Championships and World Cups.

His statement:
"With the Cologne Media Cup and Alpirace, I think that we can achieve a professional level in sports. Not only the musher, be it on a sled or car, enjoys this spectacular sport, but it is also a spectacle for spectators. So everyone can get to know and experience the wonderful world of sledding. "

Dr. Jürgen Lüber


Specialist general medicine


Together with his partner, Jürgen has been active in sleddog sport since 1976. His first dog was born in 1971 in the animal shelter in Kaiserslautern.

He has also been involved in non-sports activities for many years, including many years in the Council Of the World Sports Federation (IFSS) and as of latest from 2008 to 2015 he was President of the German Sleddog Association VDSV.

The most fascinating part of the sleddog sport is the perceived 100% confidence that the team has in the musher and which must always be met.

Jürgen is also a successful athlete:
He scored in thye 8-dog class several German Championships, ended with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at European Championships Dryland and a 3rd place at the EM Snow. His highlights as a sportsmasn were his participation at the World Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska (1993 and 2001), Lake Placid, New York 1995, then the Vindelälvsdraget and Alpentrail (each 2x).

This 69 year old, still not quite retired, does not plan big for the future: he wants to get old with his dogs (the youngest ones are now 5) and come to 500 races mark - which is quite realistic, as he has already completed 496.

His statement:
" I expect from the Cologne Media Cup that new standards for Dryland events are set."


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