European sled dog or Scandinavian Hound



n the 50’s in Scandinavia the Mushers began sled dog races with german shorthair, english pointers as well as the Scandinavian Hound (a cross-bvreeding with huskies).
In time, this type of dog became more and more popular on European trails. The european sled dog is an elegant dog: male dogs are up to 72 cm tall and 34 kg heavy, bitches are slightly smaller and lighter. It has a short, but dense coat with a lot of underwear in all colors and mostly medium-sized hanging- or bend ears. As a sled dog, this type of dog is very enduring, has great sprint potential as well.
The Scandinavian Hound is not a separate breed in the real sense, but rather a dog type that was bred in different functional breeding lines lines (function for form). The breeding races used are besides english pointer and german shorthair also some scandinavian pointer dogs. The slender, high-legged physique and the relatively short hair are pronounced.
It looks more like a greyhound than the traditional compact and rather long-haired huskies. It is characterized by unbridled joy for running and has outstanding athletics. Due to its characteristic social behavior hardly any conflicts occur, even in large groups. The dog gets a strong with people, learns easily, and has the desire to give its best to the Musher.
Despite its untypical appearance for cold areas, it can cope at ease with temperatures down to minus 25 ° C. However, in case of rough winds, it is usual to cover the dog’s body with a protection in the form of blankets.


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