Alaskan Husky

Already with the birth of sled dog sport in the beginning of the 20th century, the local dogs ("Indiandogs", rather wolf-like) began to cross with polar dogs like the Siberian Husky in order to adapt the optimal sled dog for the races. Over the course of time, hunting dogs and greyhounds were mixed into the breeding. The dogs were increasingly bred to accommodate the demands of the races.
The range of the Alaskan husky is today very wide: you can hasve everything from the 50 kg trapper dog up to the 17 kg light race dog. Despite their different size and weight, they have a lot in common: an unyielding, enduring desire to run, hard, tough paws, dense and weatherproof fur, frugal with food, compatible with other dogs and, above all, to humans. There are some very well-known breeding lines, which reach almost pure bred character and whose pedigrees can be traced back several generations. The goal is less the appearance, but rather a healthy and useful dog.
In crossing with hunting dogs and greyhounds, this type of dog became more compatible with dogs of the same pack and humans but in the porocess lost some characteristics of the polar dog, from which the function benefited.
For tough races a rather light version of the dog has established itself: females weigh between 22 and 25 kg and a male between 25 and 27 kg. The performance during a race is impressive: the Alaskan Husky can sustain an average speed of more than 30 km / h over a distance of 50 km. With distances between 80 to 100 km an average speed of 25 to 27 km / h can be maintained. During long races such as the Iditarod, the Alaskan Husky is capable of running 240 km per day over 10 or more days.


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