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From the 2nd to the 11th of February 2018 the new edition of the ALPIRACE Sprint Trophy will take place.

The winner of each race and the overall winner of the entire ALPIRACE World Sprint Trophy will be determined in three classes with six stages:
Skijöring, Limited (6 dogs) and Unlimited (from 8 dogs).

Stages 1-3 take place in Mauterndorf / Austria at 1.100 m above sea level.
Stages 4-6 take place in Millegrobbe / Trentino Italy at 1.400 meters above sea level.

After the trophy there will be the opportunity to stay and train until the IFSS European Championships in Millegrobbe (23.-25.02.18).


Current ALPIRACE News

We are currently receiving numerous inquiries and announcements whose alternative races have little or no snow and poor weather forecast.
For reasons of fairness, we would like to point out today that a certain number of starting places are subsidized by the ALPIRACE sponsors. We still have 12 subsidized starting places free, so from then the registration and entry fees, from now 149, - €, then again, as originally stated, 199, - € amount. In this case, the entrance of the registration and entry fees charge as relevant.
We look forward to your message and are available for any queries about all communication channels.

Upon request, it is also possible to individually report the 3-day races Mauterndorf & Millegrobbe (registration fee 99, - €).


To keep the pool and replacement dogs fit during the ALPIRACE, they can be trained after the race.





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