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10 August, 2017


  ALPIRACE 2018   From the 2nd to the 11th of February 2018 the new edition of the ALPIRACE Sprint Trophy will take place.The winner of each race and...

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First Interview

First Interview

14 January, 2018

First Interview

  First interview by the journalist Dr. med. Janusch with the two organizersWolfgang Petz and Iris Mauderer from MPM Mediaservice, the organizer of the...

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ALPIRACE - from start till today


The "ALPIROD", the legendary long-distance trophy of the 80s and 90s, is the basis for the ALPIRACE. The idea to transfer this type of event to the sprint discipline was already discussed at the IFSS World Championship in Bad Mitterndorf in 1992, but it took to 2005 to start development and realisation.

Only one year later, in 2006, the first ALPIRACE Trophy was held - with the alpine resorts Lechtal, Pitztaler Glacier world and Nauders on the Reschen. The race consisted of six stages. During which through 180 million contacts international media were enthusiastically attracted - another novelty that the scene so far had not seen in this quality and quantity.

The second ALPIRACE, in 2008, was synchronized with existing sled dog events to be able to incorporate established clubs.

This event was again a big success, in spite of the biggest lack of snow and short-changes to the schedule. However, the feedback from athletes, spectators and the press was overwhelming.



In the following years, the event was suspended - a Revival is now planned for 2018.

Not only top athletes, like Rudi Ropertz, have expressed their desire to "revive the legendary myth ALPIRACE".

After first discussions with our former ALPIRACE advisory board and the closest members of the organization team, a competent ALPIRACE Mushercouncil was very quickly created, taking on an advisory role.

Currently we are in the process of exploring suitable venues - preferred partners are racing venues in the St. Moritz region in Switzerland, Tyrol in Austria and Germany. The discussions, conducted so far, makes it clear that the interest in an exclusive sporting event is very present. This in turn means for us “roll up your sleeves” to create a third impressive ALPIRACE - this time as a prelude to a more regular event with a large international participation.




"In spite that the ALPIRACE, the World Sleddog Trophy, only took place twice in the years 2006 and 2008, ALPIRACE has already developed into a Myth, as Rudi Ropertz described. Yet in 2006, ALPIRACE has set standards that were hitherto unknown with the sport, media and sponsors. Often copied and yet never equalled, the name ALPIRACE is also in the hearts and minds of younger mushers, who know the event only from listening to the older and experienced colleagues. "

Dr. Jürgen Lüber

Rudi Ropertz



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